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God and Country with Cheryl Chumley

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Cheryl Chumley, an Army veteran, the online editor of the Washington Times, an author, and the owner of a private investigative service. On top of this sparkling c.v., Ms. Chumley also is an outspoken defender of Christianity. Ms. Chumley opened our discussion by making a statement that will curl the purple hair of the Democrats and academic historians: “All that is vital for America can be found in the writings and beliefs of the republic’s Founders. Most important in that body of work is that those gentlemen made it explicit for all Americans for all time that their rights come from God not from any government.” With this guidance and outspoken surety, the only conclusion is that Americans have brought the current domestic chaos on themselves. We have allowed both political parties to pass legislation that “legalizes sin” and they have reliably carried the water of hate and violence for their political base of anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Constitution supporters. Moreover, too many Christians have “secularized themselves” in favor of materialism. In addition, those who have remained faithful to Christianity are too often shepherded by clerics trained in woke seminaries that teach the accommodation of sin and seem to place socialist over biblical teachings. These clerics are more interested in the triumph of Social Justice – that is atheistic authoritarianism – than they are in aiding their flock to get to heaven and be responsible citizens. As you can see, Ms. Chumley gave us a frank and erudite ear full, and we look forward to speaking with her again – soon.


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