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God is The Same Everywhere with Bishop Robert E. Smith

Today, The Two Mikes were able to speak with Bishop Robert E. Smith who is traveling in southeastern Africa on a speaking tour.

We spoke with Bishop Smith in Malawi via a Zoom connection that was good but not perfect. This is Bishop Smith’s third trip to Africa, and he said – unequivocally – that he enjoys being in Africa although Africa really needs no more preachers because they already have the best preachers in the world.

The Bishop said that the Christians in sub-Saharan Africa are very strong believers – especially in western and southern Africa -- and there are countries in the region – such as Malawi – which are very pro-Christian.

The Bishop noted that his talks on this tour are aimed at reinforcing the idea that “God is the same everywhere” and that a knowledge of the Bible allows believers to read and discover God, that our identity is in God, and armed with that knowledge a person can be born again and thereby become and heir of God.

As always, Bishop Smith is a pleasure and inspiration to listen to and learn from, and he always is a most entertaining speaker.


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