Updated: Nov 14, 2021

I'm going to open with this amazing and hysterical little clip here

But it is truly disgusting how many of these RINOs and Democrats (90% of congress really), lick the boots of Israel, all the time.

First of all, stop all foreign aid. Period. Americans deserve it more. Secondly, we have to start holding these morons accountable and tell them to STFU every time they mention Israeli support. The boomers still think that most of the MAGA movement actually care about the state that's behind all of our middle-eastern and political problems. It's baffling to see Marjorie Taylor Green for example (whom was propelled by the Q movement prior to the Zog machine forcing her to disavow and apologize for it), using Zionist talking points.

Just because we hate "The Squad" AKA "AOC+3", it doesn't mean that we don't align with their anti-zionist agenda. Of course they are fake opposition but that's for another time.

America most certainly must cut ties with the Zionist apartheid state of Israel, because they’re not our ally; they are our enemy. Name another so called ally country that has been caught countless times spying on us, bribing our politicians in order to send us to fight their wars, subverting our military technology to China... the list goes on and on. Most notably is that they use their money (that we give them) to bribe our congress to sending us into the Middle East and fighting their wars.

This is 25 year former CIA intelligence officer, and Cheif of The Bin Laden Unit Dr. Michale Scheuer (whom has an AMAZING blog and an amazing podcast). He's been in various congressional hearings until he told them the truth which is that Israel is a "cancer" on our foreign policy. The guy that made it his life to figure out why terrorists hate us, is constantly being told that he's wrong. Let's see how much influence they have:

That's the #3 leader of America, telling us that if America literally collapses, the one thing that must be saved is Israel. And here's US senate majority leader Chuck 'The Cuck' Schumer:

VP Cabala Harris the supposed "black" women who really didn't identify as such until she ran for office, also on Israel:

Lastly, Pedophile-In-Cheif Joe 'The Child Groper' Biden announcing that he's a zionist. And this is a bonus link of all the many times that Biden proclaims (while putting America last), that America must be "uncondiontally pro-Israel" among other stupid shit.

So our top of the top brass (not counting the countless cabinet members and other corporate/government moguls) are consistently putting Israel at the epicenter of the helm of American politics. What has Israel given us aside from more terrorism and the wasting of blood and treasure? BTW, Israel doesn't give a fuck about America, never has and never will. Something never talked about is the sect of the Jewish supremacist community that refers to the rest of us as Goys AKA Cattle.

Check out Rabi Schlomo giving you a taste of why the rest of us are here on this Earth:

We have been giving that tiny piece of wasteful real estate billions upon billions for DECADES. The fuck they can’t afford to fund their iron dome themselves? There's also the problem of our evangelical community in the mega-churches constantly pushing for us to secure Israel's interests. How come they don't expose their Talmudic and Rabinic agendas as well as the fact that they hate Jesus Christ.

They also openly dislike Christians, in their home state, and don't give a fuck about Americans. As a matter of fact, they believe that they must kill Christians. Literally it is in their Torah. But neither the MSM, nor the Zionists over at Turning Point USA or any other progressive conservative outlet will show you this:

We talked about pedophilia and the Globohomo transgender-bullshit spilling into the churches in this article here, but I'd like to bring to your attention where this all promulgated from. The Talmudic 3000 year old book of satanic worship (which the Jewish community should unequivocally denounce), is the oldest source for this sexual depravity:

The only Christian Evangelicals that I've seen address this type of hogwash, coming from Israel and the Jewish supremacists, are TruNews. They had an amazing Christian news channel but they got nuked off of YouTube for calling out Israel and Jewish influencers/supremacists. You can find their stuff here: https://www.trunews.com The American Jewish community needs to denounce Jewish supremacy, and Israel's chokehold on US foreign policy. Did you know there are some states such as South Carolina that tried making it illegal (literally illegal) to criticize Israel? You should listen to Joe Rogan's latest interview with journalist Abby Martin; the covers this in great length. The 1% hates seeing this article.

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