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Here Are A Few Breaking News Pieces To Lift Your Mood

No doubt we’re living in the zombie apocalypse under this insanely abhorrent totalitarian regime, where our country and even the globe is being bled to death by the ziobankers and their globalist cohorts.

But don’t give in and don‘t give up. The pendulum is beginning to swing back, and Patriots equipped with the grace of God are fighting and standing up.

Begin the slideshow:

Small W here but I imagine this is happening in many more privately owned businesses across the US.

Yes our SCOTUS is corrupt to the core (asides from the one honorable Judge Clarence Thomas), and these audits may take some much longer time than necessary, but eventually the truth will prevail and justice will be dished. It’s too big of a crime for it to simply pass by. The Zogs overplayed their hand here, and The Great Awakening is upon us; Biden’s ratings are tanking ultra fast, the corruption in DC is reaching absurd levels, the Military Industrial Complex is almost neutered, the Liberal Media Industrial Complex has long been exposed as Fake News and is on egg shells, the Medical Industrial Complex is seconds away from being exposed as the largest genocidal body in the history of mankind, so in due time we will most likely see public hangings, believe it or not.

Speaking of audits, if any of this comes to a good light, the rest of the dominos will fall and that’s when the fireworks will go off.

I must admit I didn’t see this one coming because Delta is such a shit corporation. Delta is only acting out of greed, and probably witnessed what SouthWest is going through, so Delta capitalized on two fronts: to not lose so much business due to the mandates, and to take the money that SouthWest is leaving on the table. Sucks for SouthWest, and if they don’t double down they will be exposed in an utmost embarrassing way. Americans get to keep their jobs, passengers get to fly, and woke asshole companies like Southwest get what they deserve. Let that be a first lesson for the rest of the giant shit heads to learn from.

Parents have had enough of the transgender bullshit and the LGBTQWERTYKEYBOARD ramming filth and sexual depravity down children’s throats. This is only the beginning; keep in mind that conservative families (AKA the silent majority) have had enough of being fucked with. Dr. Michael Scheuer said it best in that when it comes to people’s children, that’s where the buck stops. And the disgusting queer community is exactly hellbent on going after the kids. So here comes Hell bent to destroy them back. God is great!

New Yorkers are marching in the streets and so begins the civil unrest. This has been happening globally by the way, it’s just that our shit media here hasn’t been reporting on it.

Disgruntled employees make for amazing whistleblowing. Wait until all the medical bullshit surfaces. It’s going to be epic.

Bring in the military! We haven’t even addressed the hundreds of thousands of active duty personnel that are refusing to get vaccinated. Add to that list the countless veterans that can’t stand this administration and the RINO scum. And remember kids, the cavalry always comes toward the end in films...

Evil has had its hand in the proverbial cookie jar long enough, and we’re beginning to see a shift where even the Taliban are looked at with more respect than our own corrupt officials; people that have been sowing war and chaos in order to promote sodomy around the globe.

The meme wars have been an unstoppable force. They have been very effective and it’s a blessing that the Left can’t meme. So it’s safe to say just like we have seen the far right celebrate ”Based Taliban” kicking the zionist Globohomo agenda’s asses out of Afghanistan, it’s most likely we’ll see the celebration of Sharia Law chopping the hand of our corrupt leadership as it tries to take one last piece from the cookie jar.

Have faith folks, for many of us it’s been a decades long journey that has only seen evil and degeneracy prevail further. But we can finally view a timeframe, where faith and religion is the counterculture, it’s making a comeback. Nationalism is making a comeback, white people are seeing just how openly persecuted they’ve been, black folks are leaving the plantation, and finally Christians are beginning to unite with Muslims in understanding that they have both been pitted against each other.

Lastly, for those that are truly awake: have you ever seen this many normies waking up to the ziobanking globalist agenda? Ever thought General Patton’s words would ring so far and wide? 45 and many of his followers have been quoting him lately.

Ever thought you’d see the day where the Truth Fears No Investigation?

It’s almost like The Greatest Story Never Told, is actually being told.

So put on the whole armor of God and fight back. And keep charging, midnight rider. Because in the end, God wins.

Heil Victory.

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