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Homosexual Transportation Secretary On Paid Paternity Leave In The Midst Of US Supply Chain Crises

NOT from the Babylon Bee… sadly.

While Americans are facing what will be a man-made disastrous holiday season this year, the failed presidential hopeful and current head of DOT Mayor Pete is on a two-month paid vacation at home, playing with his new born twins. Most folks would prefer not conceiving twins btw, due to the difficult nature of that situation. However at that point it’s a blessing and people deal with it and welcome it.

Peter and his partner apparently made the actual choice of taking on twins, and are now complaining about its challenges. Peak irony aside, smart move Pete; let’s bring in a set of twins to a same-sex male household, in the midst of a new job career where over 330 million Americans as well as BILLIONS of people worldwide depend on you. Never mind the current Covid “pandemic“ situation exacerbated by inflation, a border catastrophe, and labor shortage. After all, your sector only has the impact of trillions of dollars worth of fiscal transactions, so definitely take your time and continue to enjoy your paid vacation...

Given his high rank position, profile status and so forth, mayor Pete can certainly afford to hire a little help while whomever his partner is stays home. I personally know many friends whom had twins and couldn’t afford to take paternity leave. Most companies didn‘t provide this post-modernist paid vacation for fathers until we just found out that men can get pregnant and that genders don’t exist. I guess for Pete, surely it’s a crises if he’s not at home Breastfeeding his newborns.

The Biden Administration seems hell bent on collapsing the US and Peter is joyfully watching it from home probably via the Clown News Network, as the sector he’s in control of drives the world’s largest economy off a cliff in front of his very own eyes, right before the Holidays.

I‘d wish you an early “Merry Christmas” Mr. Grinch (he does look like the Grinch doesn’t he) but I’m sure you’d prefer “Happy Holidays” instead.

0.001% agree Pete is entitled to his paid time off as Americans face a devastating supply-chain crises.

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