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How Does 0.001% Of The Population Wield All The Power?

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

When you stop and think about the enormous influence the LGBTQWERTYKEYBOARD has, it really makes you wonder; in less than ten years, American rainbow-people went from "We just want equal rights" to "You have to let us fuck your children". This isn't hyperbolic, and here is the proof... This is taken from a TED Talk where a delusional shit-bait is trying to normalize pedophilia, by arguing that wanting to fuck kids should be accepted because it's not a horrible thing; as it is just a "sexual preference"

This type of fuckery doesn't stop there however, they want to push this en mass to all of society. And the envelope goes further as always, because with these people it's never enough. Here is "Desmond Is Amazing" the 11 year old drag queen being pushed on ABC's Good Morning America for all the families to watch on a Sunday morning

Notice that they're proud of the "influence" he has on other children. What do you expect when kids watch "Desmond Is Amazing" on national news channels, receiving crazy attention and adoration from authority figureheads, while being celebrated with claps and cheers? Of course it's going to "influence" other children. They're going to want be celebrated in the same manner, and when they get their dicks chopped off, they will eventually live in regret and probably become another statistic (look those numbers up just for fun). Especially as kids grow into their teens, this imagery that's been burned into their brain as children (combined with the bullshit indoctrination at school and TV regarding the trans-normality these days), they will want to rebel and come out, therapists will encourage them (as the law mandates)... and you know how the story goes. This sexual depravity doesn't stop here; eventually Desmond goes on to dance for homosexual men at a gay bar, while he gets dollar bills thrown at him like a stripper. What type of parenting is this? Sexualizing delusional children doesn't get any more degenerate than this:

How do these “marginalized“ groups of sexually depraved pedo-pushers have the power to raise the rainbow at our embassies all over the globe? Every single embassy under the Brandon administration [SIC] had the Colors of Sodom raised next to the American Flag throughout the entire month of June 2020. Because out of all things important, this is the most? Thankfully the Afghans eventually got the military industrial complex to buckle, and kicked our asses out whether we liked it or not. Of course only after we spent two decades galavanting around the globe, droning innocent stone-aged goat-herders with hellfire missiles while wasting blood and treasure to the tunes of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, in order to spread sodomy. What a waste. Here's a video of Based Taliban making good use of the 85 Billion dollars of military equipment we left behind, as they give a sodomite a tour of their amazing mountain range, from one of our helicopters that we left behind:

Sure looks like the Pride Flag changed their culture... BTW I bet they watched some of these videos when they decided that the rainbow flag won't be raised around embassies in their country:

Desmond should be taken away from his so called parents and sent off for rehabilitation and counseling. At this point this is truly child abuse. I'll be the first to bet that "Desmond Is Amazing" won't be feeling so amazing in the near future; the over under on this is +1000: -2000

Lastly, it wouldn't be complete if we didn't place this filth into children programming. Here's this pervert convincing your children that it's ok to look like Satan and act like a nimrod:

Seriously how much trauma would this have on a child when they're witnessing a demon looking character dancing to kid music? And why are they so obsessed with warping kids' brains? If this was so normal, it wouldn't require all this effort and manipulation. The sad truth is that these people are most likely victims of some serious child anguish. Many of them need counseling, and that would actually be the compassionate thing to do. Check out this poor girl that probably read too much Teen Vogue and is a victim of some Facebook LGBTQWERTYKEYBOARD group:

Transgenders are in parallel with the mental disorder of body-dysmorphia, why don't we treat it the same? This is truly abusive to them; it's like telling an anorexic person to keep it up. And don't dare say anything or crack jokes about the rainbow people; they recently attacked Dave Chappelle for his new Netflix special. Though I think his previous special addressed these delusional idiots in hysterical fashion (turn up the volume a little)

In conclusion, it's sad that in today's bizarro world, down is up and up is down; if you're not unconditionally pro-trans surgeries and whack-a-doodle bullshit, you're a phobe of many kinds and deserve to be fired as well as harassed. 0.001% of the population disagree with this article.

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