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How to Save America with Dan McMillan

Today, The Two Mikes spoke for the first time with Dan McMillan who runs an organization that is trying to gather strength behind the idea that, of all America's current ailments, the most important to cure is the problem of corrupt money, especially the corrupt money that has turned both of the houses of the U.S, Congress into the agent of rich donors rather than those of America's citizens.


Mr. McMillan's organization is called "Save Democracy in America" ( and is seeking to craft an election finance system that is financed by the national government from tax revenue, a public financing system. Each American would receive a certain amount of money electronically and would use it to support the candidates they choose.


The money received would be blocked for any other purpose than election funding and so could not be used for other private purchases or deposited into savings accounts. Mr. McMillan argues that making such a system workable would recreate the importance of American voters to the political elite; voters are now considered "nuisances" by the political elite, which needs to spend everyday seeking donations from rich patrons. Public financing, if operated honestly and effectively, would allow candidates to bid farewell to wealthy donors.


Mr. McMillan is not seeking monetary support at this time, but he is seeking to distribute information and receive comments about his plan via his website, sort of taking the electorate's temperature in regard to such a plan.


Mr. McMillan showed a good deal of commonsense in our discussion. He holds a PH.D. in history from Columbia University and is a law school graduate. 




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