It Had To Be This Way

Is it really a coincidence that: borders are wide open for the taking with millions of refugees whom bring nothing but a burden to the country, Venezuela type inflation, Westcoast ports jammed up/disrupting supply chains, intentionally ending energy independence, stunting job growth through endless mandates, keeping the population sick via forceful vaccines, creating chaos and division through race wars and pushing a Globohomo agenda down every person's throat, then surrendering the richest lithium mineral producing country to an adversary while pivoting to a type of energy that will require enormous levels of said minerals? No; nobody can coincidentally destroy the richest and most abundant country in history, on this many levels all at an accelerated pace, in a span of eight months, by accident... Welcome to the Great Reset, and thus welcome to The Great Awakening. The end result as always, will be civil unrest, followed by public hangings of corrupt state officials. HEIL VICTORY!

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