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Less God More Problems with Fred Coulter

Today, the Two Mikes spoke and listened to and learned from Fred Coulter, the head of the Christian Biblical Church of God in Hollister, California.

Reflecting on the recent Halloween celebration, Mr. Coulter said that most people ignore the fact that the day of the celebration is really the day on which the martyrdom of St. Valentine is remembered and honored. The day that is now celebrated is a day for the pagans which began in Rome as a holiday for the fertility of women.

Currently, Halloween Day is not only a celebration of paganism, but even more a day of honoring Satan and the depravity he brings. Even the Catholic Church has surrendered and poses no objection to Catholics celebrating Halloween and its demonstration of depravity.

Mr. Coulter also said the Catholics are not the only church that has forgotten the requirement of abiding by God's word. He said that Catholicism is not a real religion, that Judaism is not a real religion, and that Protestantism came close, but has dropped far from being a real religion. He added that this is an odd fact, because there is no one on earth today that does not have the opportunity to read the Bible, the only basis for building a real religion.

There are no excuses for not knowing God's word, as today the Bible is available in all of the earth's languages. America was founded on the word of the Bible, and the writings of those who used it as the basis of their thought. The Puritans were thankful for God for helping them come to a new land and created a country that was dedicated to preaching God's word. The Puritans knew and taught that God sought obedience to His word and repentance for the sins committed.

America's drift away from its Christian founding is in large part the reason for the republic's current problems, the Chinese threat, the invasion of illegal aliens, and the perversity of our society are punishments from God, whose command to all of us "to obey my voice" has been all but forgotten, just as his guiding commandments have been mostly banned from public discussion or display.  


Mr. Coulter’s websites include: and Mr. Coulter’s websites offer an array of books that can be used by a person seeking God or seeking to return to God. All of the books are available for no charge. 


P.S. by Colonel Mike

Imagine that no grifting for money? It’s because the Lord provides. 




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