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More Churches Openly Promote Sodomy

If you can believe it, these nimrods have the audacity to promote a notion that God is totally blessing the idea of people getting their shit pushed in.

Pictured above is Father Robert Lisowski:

“October 11, PrismND (Notre Dame’s official LGBTQ+ undergraduate organization) and Baumer Hall co-hosted a “Coming Out Day Celebration.” Fr. Robert Lisowski, C.S.C., rector of Baumer and recently-ordained priest, attended the event wearing a rainbow stole which matched the pride flag hanging on the wall directly behind him.”

There isn’t a single legitimate holy book known to man (ie Judaism, Christianity, Islam) where homosexuality isn’t specifically vituperated in the harshest regard.

The fact that these people choose to sin and lie to themselves is rather funny if it weren’t so sad and abominable.

It’s the absolute epitome of Cognitive Dissonance; when there’s an internal clash between a belief and behavior, it is eventually reconciled by a compromise in one or the other. In this case, these “Catholics” place sodomy over scripture. They want to continue to blow each other in the bedroom, and want to find a way to force God into accepting it. So they convince themselves that Big Guns Upstairs is sending them his blessings from above as they argue over which Skittles flavored lube tastes better out of the anus.

This is just one more instance of the Talmudic hand, tricking morons into thinking they can loophole God’s law.

Take a look at their obnoxious Final-Fantasy themed churches/uniforms and realize that they’re worshipping the Synagogue of Satan, and not the Church of Christ; the Lord doesn’t change HIS divine commandments simply because a group of perverse inhabitants of Sodom want to Taste The Rainbow and still demand entry into God’s Kingdom.

All letters of the LGBTQWERTYKEYBOARD are typing up a one-way ticket to Hell and that’s literally how the story ends for them. God wins.

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