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Mr. Ukropina Goes to Washington

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Max Ukropina who is running as a Republican for the 47th Congressional District in Orange County, California.


To do this, Mr. Ukropina underlines that he has no desire to become a career politician, and is taking time away from his successful financial technology business. He intends to go back to that business after serving a few terms in Congress. Being a successful business builder, Mr. MacMillan said, he has grown tired of the national political process that sends people to Washington who prove themselves to be useless, but are sent back over and over again in succeeding elections.


If elected, Mr. Ukropina says that he will work toward the abolition of entire departments of the federal government and the regular auditing of every department remaining. He said he would settle for getting rid of 50-to-75 percent of the federal civil servants, but only if he cannot achieve agreement on 100-percent. Mr. Ukropina clearly is a bit of an anti-big-government firebrand, a model of a congressman of which we have far too few.




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