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Our Government is a Fraud with Todd Callender

(Click above play button for podcast) "Our government is a fraud, " explained Todd Callender at the start of The Two Mikes' discussion with him.

Mr. Callender said that it increasingly appears that no one in Biden's cabinet has fulfilled the legal requirements of taking a valid oath of office. If this is the case -- and the issue is now before a court -- none of the cabinet members are acting in accordance with the Constitution or federal law, and the orders they have issued to their subordinates -- civil service or military personnel -- are invalid and the people executing them have no legal justification for doing so.

Mr. Callender said that he and his group have secured 11 of the 12 oaths of office of Biden's cabinet members that they requested via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and none of them has been notarized as the law requires.

At this point it appears that lack of a notary's seal probably was a deliberate omission which left the Cabinet members with an out, as they could claim that they did not swear to uphold the Constitution and U.S. laws when they became cabinet members.

If the oaths of office are found to be deficient by lacking a notary's seal, for example, military personnel have no legal basis for executing the Defense Secretary's orders, and he would have had no legal right to issue orders.

Mr. Callender noted that there are a great many seemingly illegal actions by the Biden government to investigate, but relatively few lawyers are coming forward to assist in the task, either because they have attended the elite hard-left law schools or because of fear of retribution for challenging the federal government.

Mr. Callender is a licensed lawyer in Colorado and noted that, including himself, he knows only three Colorado-based lawyers -- there are 30,000 layers in the state -- who are now working to investigate the Biden administration's apparent lawlessness.


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