VIDEO Our Military And Country Are Being Turned Into A Cucked Out Bag Of Humiliating Rubbish

There isn’t any other way to put it. When you watch this sorry excuse of a military exercise, the disgraceful General Milly’s comments to congress make so much more sense now.

Recruiters for the military and the top leadership are focusing on transgender rubbish and woke sexual depravity, while our adversarial armies of the world in Russia and China are sharpening their teeth. This is beyond disgraceful; just because the Seargent is black and is tuning on about MLK, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t noteworthy of criticism. What is the point of these drills?

Of course nothing spells government welfare more than free stupidity. Want tax payers to pay for your “Trans-itioning” AKA mutilating your body due to your sexual perversions and/or mental disorder? Join the military; this is now deemed an essential surgical procedure. Not sure how this benefits our warfare, other than perhaps the element of surprise that our foes might face on the battlefield?

Take it from a Muslim immigrant: ”This country is turning to trash. FAST. I am in full support of my Christian brothers and sisters, especially those of European descent whom have been increasingly persecuted and attacked literally because of their skin; America was founded on European Christian values, and those values are what made America great.

The Zog machine has taken this once great republic, and reduced it to a steaming pile of multicultural bullshit.

I didn’t come here to experience the third world trash and refuge that I escaped from as a child.“

We are entering another level of humiliation. EVERYTHING out of this current administration is humiliating; from the flags of sodomy raised at our embassies across the globe, to the woke queer and racist filth being institutionalized across our military and intelligence apparatus as well as our schools.

Listen to this tranny psycho byproduct of Marxism take pride in threatening our citizens:

She/He will become Was/Were if shit actually hit the fan. It [sic] does not realize that the constitution doesn’t give a flying rainbow fuck about her or the military. Matter of fact the founders who drafted it precisely stated numerous times that should the government become tyrannical, the people have a moral obligation to eradicate it, and start an entire new system. Military personnel included.

Lastly, our rights don’t come from the military, nor the United Snakes Government, nor the constitution; it comes from God almighty. So sit the fuck down and slow your arrogant role.

As POTUS45 said: “everything woke turns to shit.”

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