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Pray to God and Fight The Devil with Bishop Smith

Today, the Two Mikes had the good fortune to again speak with Bishop Robert B. Smith, Jr. from Little Rock, Arkansas.


Bishop Smith, who is one of America’s most frank, articulate, and knowledgeable Christian pastors, explained that our nation is in truly serious trouble because so many people have not only drifted away from Christ, but also have not displayed the commonsense needed to realize that our country is run by men and women who worship Satan and have no interest in the lives and well-being of American citizens.


Christianity has always been focused, the Bishop said, on building strong communities not only to preserve the faith and obey Jesus, but to defend itself from attacks by those who are manifestly evil. In today’s world, he said, “community is built for Immunity” from such travesties as poison vaccines, wokeism, sexual depravity, arbitrary violence, the sexual abuse of children, and the other forms of devilish activities that prove the godlessness and hate-filled natures of the enemies of Christ. Many in the clergy, too, have been weak in their responses to the evil that has been foisted on America since January, 2021.


The most grievous example of this failure, was the closure of so many churches because of the government’s demand that they be shutdown. Now that Americans know that the illness was created and spread by the U.S. government and that its vaccine killed millions of Americans, there can be no Godly reason for closing the churches again. Bishop Smith urged his coreligionists, his fellow clerics, and all citizens to never again obey the directions from a government intent on killing as many Americans as possible, and their country as well.


Finally, Bishop said that we are in situation where unceasing prayer – accompanied by a true belief in its “constant power” -- is required from all Christians, with some prayers especially directed to asking the Lord to protect the country’s “one good man” – Donald Trump. 


He closed by urging all Christians to be what the Bible calls “overcomers”, to maintain a strong relationship with Christ, and to know that none need to be helpless or fearful so long as they use the powerful tool of prayer and work to build Christian communities. “If you pray,” the Bishop said,” you are already on the winning team.” 





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