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Pride Cometh Before The Fall with Jesse Lee Peterson

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with the dynamic and plain-spoken Christian broadcaster Jesse Lee Peterson.

As always, Mr. Peterson showed himself to be anything but reluctant to speak the truth. Taking on the issue of “Pride Month”, Mr. Peterson said that it is nothing more than a whole month of “evil”. Imagine, he said, there is an entire month celebrating evil and only a single day to honor the most important women, the mothers of the country. Americans have forgotten that they live in a Christian country and that all of the good in this country – including freedom and personal liberty – come from God and the Bible He left for our guidance. The people who are celebrated in Pride Month suffer from their own evil because “depravity does not make them happy, their happiness can only be found in being reborn in God and returning to the Father.” The reality of life, Mr. Peterson argued, can only be found in “being reborn in God and returning to the Father.” The reality of life, Mr. Peterson argued, is a prolonged spiritual battle between good-vs.-evil. The problem our republic faces is not racism, as there is no racism, there is only the enduring struggle between people who are good and those who espouse evil. Currently, good people – black and white -- are battling on their own as the preachers and churches of all Christian denominations –black and white -- have dropped the ball and, in many instances, have given in to the evil that mandates hatred for men, family, country, and Christians. As for the national government, Mr. Peterson said that Black Americans are now in a condition that is worse than slavery, and that this condition was created and fastened on Blacks by the Civil Rights Movement, the Great Society, and abortion. Needless to say, The Two Mikes look forward to another conversation with Mr. Peterson. Sponsors CARES Act Stimulus

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