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Putin on The Ritz with Rebekah Koffler

Today, The Two Mikes discussed Vladimir Putin and Russia with Rebekah Koffler. Mrs. Koffler was born in the Soviet Union and was educated at the Moscow University of Foreign Languages where she studied English and French and international affairs. Mrs. Koffler also is the author of the book Putin's Playbook: Russia's Secret Plan to Defeat America, which is available at Amazon and at many other booksellers. In the United States, Mrs. Koffler worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency and is the president of the firm Doctrine & Strategy Consulting,

We covered multiple topics in our talk – including the fake coup staged by Prigozhin and his Wagner Group and Putin’s ability to be ruthless – but the excellence of Mrs. Koffler’s presentation was her description of how much the West is suffering from an apparently complete lack of knowledge of European and especially Russian history. The West, Mrs. Koffler said, does not seem to understand that Putin’s Russia is not the Soviet Union. It is more akin to Tsarist regimes that the Bolsheviks’ put an end to via a merciless revolution. Today’s Russia is a nationalist-oriented and increasingly Christian nation-state. It also is a state that has been shaped by war and a primal fear of invasion. Ukraine’s Nazi regime stirs Russian memories of the war against the Nazis and the loss of 30 million or more of their countrymen. More recently, Russians have seen the United States build dozens of chemical-weapons labs in Ukraine, and have heard Western leaders call for the removal of Putin and the break of Russia as a nation. The West also does not seem to recognize that everyday Russians know their own history and fear both revolution and invasion from the West. It also seems ignorant of Putin’s personal popularity and the fact that Western sanctions have spectacularly failed and have boosted, not damaged, the country’s economy. Mrs. Koffler’s presentation is a convincing explanation of why the interventionist war being run by Biden’s goofball administration and the Neocons will ultimately fail completely and cost the United States and Europe most dearly at home and internationally. Sponsors CARES Act Stimulus

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