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These are the short rabbit+++ propaganda video drops from 2020.

As these were mostly circulated on IG, the majority are under one minute. You might want to re-watch to pick up on the comms that are embedded.

Are You Ready To Hold The Political Elite Accountable? Date of video drop: 10/31/2020

This is the first intricate clip that was crisp in terms of the emotional feedback from the anons that circulated it.

We Are Saving Israel For Last Date of video drop: 11/09/2020

This clip was the most circulated of these +++ viral drops. Probably Q's most notable and cryptic one liner.

in the video is General McInerny's photo, and the revelation of the Wikileaks cable that mentions the HAMR program.

This was recently mentioned on Mary Fanning's post on April 23rd here

Covid 1984

Date of video drop: 10/10/2020

This video drop was was the first time we saw the rabbit+++ insignia. From here we would begin to see more elaborations in the video drops. It was a very clever amalgamation of historic context; the narration was from Orwell's 1984 (real name Eric Blair and was part of the Fabian Society as we covered in our piece "Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall" which you can click and view.) The paper that is in this video is an actual publication from 2005 that proved Chloroquine as an effective treatment for Coronavirus. The clip cleared up the evidence being suppressed, the extreme medical tyranny and what was next to come. This clip still rings true today.

In The End God Wins

Date of video drop: 12/04/2020

This was one of the most cherished of video drops. The folks that circulated it loved it. Some anons would play it every time they needed motivation, and some would wake up watching it as a morning ritual. Some would play it at the gym during their workouts.

Spliced footage from a sermon video, Trump's famous In The End music video, and Q drops. This drop was one of the most impactful ones. A True favorite especially among the Christian community.

Operation Mockingbird Date of video drop: 11/27/2020

This video was one of the top circulated ones as well. It had a clear screen recorded time-stamp of George Soros funded organizations, employing staff members that are actively editing Wikipedia entries. The significance of this +++video drop, was that it clearly showcases in the notes of the Wikipedia edits, for example, that the definition of "Operation Mockingbird" MUST remain a "supposed" definition. Since Wikipedia is a blockchain operation, the people behind Wikimedia, and the foundations that are "fact checking"... etc. are all Soros backed operators. Watch this video and pause it through, to see the edits mentioned in the Wikipedia entries.

Adrenochrome Date of video drop: 11/30/2020

Surprisingly, though this is the most shocking revelation out of all the +++videos, this wasn't a heavily circulated drop. The fact that Adrenochrome is literally published int he NIH to be manufactured in Wuhan, with accordance to PubMED, it is unbelievable that this gets no reaction from various outlets including the anon community. The internet since then has scrubbed some of this information, however you can still type the websites in this video and get them through the Wayback Machine.

G News Date of video drop: 10/18/2020

One of the first +++ drops, this video was a bombshell in what G News was about to reveal. The next drop after this would vindicated what was being sold here. As G News was announcing the drips that would include what's on Hunter's three hard drives, this certainly provided the proper anticipation.

The Laptop From Hell

Date of video drop: 10/25/2020

Probably the most disturbing +++ video drop, which exposed some the content that's on Hunter Biden's laptop. Though there were images of pedophilia circulated and dropped via various outlets at that time (some including children in compromised positions), this drop was a dynamite stick that echoes the bqqms of the Q movement, without involving the images of those children.

I Weaponized The American People Date of video drop: 11/26/2020

At this point, Trump had passed the EO of reinstating Federal Executions and Firing Squads. The excitement was building, as talks of Martial Law, Tribunals, and the fact that these people had already committed these crimes, the anons were holding their excitement in anticipation.

The Real Q 12/18/20

This drop was around the time that we had an entire episode linking Ron Paul, and showcasing how he primed the 2016 base for Trump, through his 2008 and 2012 campaigns. We will have these episodes up soon, but at the moment just trust that Ron Paul was the main reason Trump won the election. Ron Paul was THE guy that re-shaped the entire platform through his revolution during 2008-2012. All the links will be displayed. Libertarians loved this video.

My Business Partner is Missing Date of video drop: 10/27/2020

An early drop, this +++ video came out within a few days of the Laptop From Hell drop. This was audio from Hunter Biden speaking of the MIA Chinese businessman Patrick Ho.

The Memo

Date of video drop: 09/27/2020

This is the very first +++ video drop. Before the signature rabbit+++ watermark. This shows the transcript of texts and google messages engulfing the whole Strzok, Page, and McCabe scandal.

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