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Quantum Language with Dani Katz

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Dani Katz who has written a frank and vitally important book called The Language of Tetrarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting against Tyranny.


The word “bettearchy”, Ms. Katz says, is the word which should be used to remove the term patriarchy from the nation’s conversation. Today’s patriarchy and its political and media acolytes are in place to do only one thing; namely, to put minorities – talented or not -- at the top of American society and thereby reduce the remainder of the population to slaves and servants. In short, the patriarchy’s goal is to divide, enslave, and then murder the rest of us. The use of alternative words – hierarchy not patriarchy, unity not division, commonsense education not common-core programs, and traditional non-violent politics, not inherently violent identity politics – are keys to rebuilding a hierarchy that is fueled by a sustained flow of proven talent and not by ignorant often murderous prejudice.

It also is necessary to learn, listen for, and combat the terms that the patriarchy has assigned to be used as tools against those who oppose their tyrannical intentions and woke programs. Terms such as shaming conservatives, blaming whites and others of all races who reject the idiocy of wokeness, and using a tone of fear that borders on terrorizing to try and put people at each others throats, as has been done with vaccinated-vs.--non-vaccinated, and by identifying Christians or all colors and sects as the greatest threat to peace in the United States. Time is of the essence on the issue of language because the installation of tyranny already is underway. It only can be stopped by Americans who listen for and loudly reject what the enemy’s is saying publicly and through its indoctrinating of students at all levels of education with such violence-causing and anti-American ideas of CRT and DEI.


Comment: In addition to Ms. Katz’s book, we must add that she is an excellent, to-the-point, hard-headed, and amusing speaker. She defines the problem and applies a keen mind and commonsense to confront and defeat it. We think she would be welcome speaker by those groups around the country who are concerned about the tyrannical direction in which America is heading.

Ms. Katz’s website is:

Her email is:  

Both of Dani Katz’s books are available at Amazon: The Language of Betterarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting against Tyranny is at:





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