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Restoring America’s Wholesome Literature with C.R. Stewart

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed C.R. Stewart, who so far has published 3 volumes of a series he plans to consist of 5 volumes of fiction for middle schoolers and young adults. Mr. Stewart comes to authorship after a career as a banker, having worked for Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. While an out-of-the-ordinary background for a writer of books for young people, Mr. Stewart has become famous in America and Europe for the bestselling first volume of a projected series, Britfield and the Lost Crown (Available at Amazon and many other booksellers). The book follows the lives of brother-and-sister Tom and Sarah, two orphans who decide they have to escape from a quite disagreeable orphanage. Just before fleeing, Tom discovers his parents may be alive. He keeps this to himself and he and Sarah escape and begin an adventurous and at times dangerous journey that will be documented over the 5 volumes of this series. Mr. Stewart says that their experiences will be very human problems that must be handled and overcome, situations to be discussed to make a decision on a course of action acceptable to both, and more than a bit of daring-do. (Please note: Mr. Stewart notes that the stars of the book will not be an assortment of witches, warlocks, potions, occult activities, ominous predictions, and hobgoblins, the focus will be on a brother and sister in search of a workable way of living with others, and perhaps looking for their parents.) Mr. Stewart explains that his ambition for his books is to contribute to the successful reformation of the now very broken and even damaging-to-the-student public education system; to replace that system with one that teaches knowledge worth having, and able to be used in life, not the vile inculcation that is occurring far too often; and to allow children to learn for themselves about how to get along with each other, and to find their own way in the world -- with a strong sense of individual responsibility -- and the help of those they befriend and those who love them and they love.

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