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Satan Must be Dethroned with Bishop Smith

Updated: May 8

Today, the Two Mikes were again fortunate to speak with Bishop Robert E. Smith Jr. from Little Rock, Arkansas. Bishop Smith said that there was no way else to describe the world's problems, except by saying that, at the moment, Satan is the king of the world. He can be beaten, and the recipe for victory is easily available to all people; namely, it is in the Bible and in both testaments. The starting point in this fight, according to the Bishop, is the formation of local communities that can provide immunity against the depredations of the satanic federal and state governments. Strong local communities willing to keep schools and churches open when the politicians order them closed; insisting on going to work when ordered to stay at home because of falsified health reasons, refusing to obey mandates and other directions from governments that people be inoculated with shots known to be murder weapons, and most of all to build local communities into citadels for faith and trust in God, and pray relentlessly.In other words, kick unconstitutional, lethal, and anti-Christian government "requirements" to the curb, and get on with the process of proving that God and not Satan is the KING of this world. Through such a process a community can regain stability and, by joining with other like-minded, God-based communities, can return stability, unity, law, and faith to the republic. It all begins with a firm acknowledgement by all the Christian communities in this land that "God is King and it is time for Christian communities to get their priorities together and get going!" Sponsors



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