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Senator Colton Moore Emergency Session to stop Jihad Against Trump

Today, The Two Mikes were very fortunate to have a short discussion with Georgia State Senator Colton Moore, a man who is regarded as the most conservative Georgia state senator. Senator Moore has initiated and is leading a movement to stop what he accurately describes as "rogue" District Attorney -- Fani Willis -- from continuing her attempt to destroy free speech by trying Trump and 18 others --including one of Moore's fellow Georgian Senator -- for criticizing the conduct of the 2020 election via tweets and other venues of free speech. Senator Moore is calling for an immediate and emergency session of the Georgia legislature that will take two actions: (1) cut state funding for the district attorney to stop the use of the taxes paid by Georgians being used to destroy the 1st Amendment, and (2) begin an investigation of the attorney general and her contacts with the federal government and other anti-free speech entities. Senator Moore noted that the government of Georgia has to date received 40,000 sworn affidavits from Georgians claiming to have witnessed election fraud in 2020. Senator Moore is having a hard slog so far as many members of the legislature seem fearful of supporting an emergency session, claiming that they have family obligations and other pressing matters to tend to while on vacation between legislative sessions.. Senator Moore is a bold, smart, aggressive, and well-spoken patriot and said he will not stop his demands for a special session. We hope Georgians rally to Moore's banner and get an emergency session called. Letters that support Moore and urge the Georgia legislature to convene from the taxpayers in other states probably would help get the job done

We also wanted to note that a guest of our show author Joe Fried, has a new book out and it's going into a second printing. The book provides hard evidence and sound analysis of the illegal actions by governments, government agencies, attorneys, and individuals to successfully fix the 2020 presidential election and give it to Biden. The book is available at Amazon ( ) and many other booksellers. It is called: "Debunked?: An auditor reviews the 2020 election―and the lessons learned"

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