Thanks to Hitler, we have Hollywood AKA the largest CIA propaganda machine in the course of history.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

AKA Operation Mockingbird... Did you see what Tucker and Glen Greenwald asked about tonight? The only group of people that you can’t criticize; the "intelligence agencies". What was Trump onto? Here’s the Tucker video, but read below and put 2 and 2 together...

Excerpt from the Salon article:

“BERLIN, Germany — Two months after Adolf Hitler’s appointment as German chancellor in 1933, Jews working in Germany’s groundbreaking film industry were warned there would be no place for them under the new Nazi regime.

“We will not even remotely tolerate that those ideas, which Germany has eradicated at the root, are able to make their way either openly or surreptitiously back into film,” Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels announced that March. The powerful UFA studio canceled contracts for most Jews working there the following day.

Thus began the greatest rupture in German film history, marking the end of the golden age for Weimar cinema. Soon not only Jews, but left-wingers began fleeing the country, followed by others who saw no place for themselves in what would become the Third Reich’s propaganda machine.

Their departure would help transform another film industry: Hollywood. Of the some 2,000 movie professionals who left Germany in the 1930s, most ended up in California, where the techniques they pioneered back home would have a lasting impact on American film.“ I guess Hollywood is likely to get kicked out from wherever it goes, since all it's ever been is a cancer on society, and a moral core of corruption. Good riddance once and for all should be the order; only the 1% would disagree.

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