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The Cognitive War with Ed Haugland

On today’s episode of the Two Mikes, Colonel Mike and Dr. Mike spoke with the brilliant author and thinker Edward Haugland.

Mr. Haugland served for four decades in the U.S. military and in senior positions in U.S.

Intelligence agencies He joined us to discuss his new book The Cognitive War: Why We Are

Mr. Haugland maintains that the U.S. government since Bill Clinton – with the exception of

Trump – has been waging a cognitive war against Americans with the goal of destroying their

constitutional republic and will not concern about how many Americans and their families are

killed as necessary collateral damage.

After more than twenty years of the government’s war on Americans – in cooperation with the

UN, the EU, the WEF, and many of the world’s richest people – many people in the United

States do not or cannot believe what they are seeing with their own eyes. The people’s enemies

have informed them of what they intended to do to them at every step along the way form the

massive tyrannical response to the 9/11 attack; to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, with their

clear stink of population reduction intentions; to the fraudulent Climate Change campaign that

means utter poverty for many Americans; to the diseased vaccines that killed so many

Americans; and now to the war in Ukraine, which has so far cost more than $100 billion in

taxpayer money and leaves us today on the brink of nuclear war, another key component in the

New World Order and WEF’s population reduction plans.

The overall cost so far to Americans has been 1.3 million lives from lethal COVID vaccines and

their governments failure to stop the flow of fentanyl from Mexico to the United States. Added

to that total must be all of the U.S. military casualties caused by the unnecessary wars caused

by Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden.

These, Mr. Haugland argues are hard facts that have long been before the eyes of Americans

and it is time for all citizens to accept that the federal government is and its foreign partners

are waging war on them.

If Americans to not accept that respond to the federal governments cognitive war against them

and respond with activity at the local and state level which can form a defensive wall caked by

county and state legislatures, state and local government attorneys, constitutional sheriffs, and

Christian pastors.

Mr. Haugland frankly says that if Americans don’t win this cognitive war, they will lose their

republic, their constitution, their children, and, most likely, their lives. His book is God-send and

a challenge in the timeless words of the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves. Get

Mr. Haugland’s essential book, read it, and step up to the plate and take you swings in favor of

God, republic, and family.

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