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The Collapsing Social Trust With Ed Dutton

The Two Mikes spoke with Professor Edward Dutton, an Englishman based in Finland. He works as a professor of evolutionary psychology and maintains a fascinating website, Professor Dutton researches, writes, publishes, and speaks about what he describes as “controversial” topics.

In our conversation with him, Professor Dutton focused on the problem of “collapsing social trust”, which is a deadly threat to the survival of any established society. Communities that are genetically and ethnically similar tend to develop high levels of social trust among its members. Indeed, their societal strength is grounded in the absence of great ethnic and genetic diversity.

For Americans that means, it seems to me, Hillary Clinton's claim that diversity strengthens American unity is a damned, idiotic lie, and one which has been echoed and re-echoed by untold thousands of Democratic anti-American fools. Professor Dutton described the one sure acid to dissolve a society's social thrust is the introduction to genetically and ethically different immigrants.

Their introduction is the beginning of the dissolution and the collapse of trust in a society. Professor Dutton argues -- with a great deal of commonsense -- that the more you bring genetically and ethnically different people into a society, the more you begin to, and then if it continues, accelerate the destruction of social trust in a society.

Even in the best of circumstances, a society that has a strong element of social trust can barely handle a very small amount of immigration of those who are ethnically and genetically different, but the level of dissimilar immigration that the United States and some (many?) European nations are now experiencing -- all because of their governments lust for the importation of those who will not assimilate -- amounts to a level of genetically and ethnically dissimilar immigration that will destroy the social trust of those countries and lead to their destruction. Geez, it is almost likely those governments' planned it Sponsors

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