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The Culture Wars Rage On with E Michael Jones

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with E. Michael Jones. He is the author of many books, including Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and, most recently, The Holocaust Narrative.

Dr. Jones holds a Ph.D. and his books discuss the ideological aggressiveness and propaganda capabilities and practices of Jewish/Israeli leaders. Dr. Jones’ books are scholarly works, informative and meant to alert his readers to the threats posed to the United States because of its close relationship with Israel. They succeed in that task. In other of his works and in his media commentaries, he also explains how deeply the U.S. Congress, media, and popular culture are controlled lock, stock, and barrel by Israel and the Jewish American elite and their operatives at the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Doubt it? Remember when the new House Speaker’s first action after his election was to introduce a bill giving $14.5 billion to Israel – to those he called “our dear Israeli friends” -- this in the face of a U.S. economy that is dying, the republic being flooded with foreign military-age men flown in by aviation contractors working for the Biden’s administration, and border towns in the southwest being wrecked by illegals border.

Do you recall any member of Congress or the Senate standing up and saying Americans need this money and it should not be given to foreigners to continue fighting a war that never ends? Read Dr. Jones’ books and listen to his commentary, his description of the danger posed by America’s domination is both vivid and detailed and the threat the republic faces demands the attention of and rejection by all patriots.

Dr. Jones’ website is and his books are available at

On the issue of America being flooded by military age men flown in by the U.S. government see MonkeyWerks

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Let's go! I'm eo excited to play this. Thank you guys for bringing on E Michael Jones!


Man that was awesome from beginning to end

Explosive, informative, everything

All 3 Mikes were cooking!

A convo that needed to happen


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