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The Father of Lies with Fred Coulter

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Fred Coulter, the head of the Christian Biblical Church of God (CBCG) in Hollister, CA.

Mr. Coulter started by asking “Why is the world upside down?” There are, of course, hundreds of speculations that are used to answer this question. Mr. Coulter said the fundamental cause – and one not heard often enough – and that is that people have forgotten God and now follow false religions, like the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian sects.

Satan is becoming the boss in the world, and many features of Western society and far too many Western political and social leaders surely seem to be moving toward open Satanism. The much discussed “Mark of the Beast” is being spoken about and, indeed, shown in the forms of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), along with the enslaving social-credit scores.

The storm, in other words, is no longer on the horizon, it is here and eating away at the final strength of Western traditions and Christianity. The solution to this problem, obviously, is a return to the Bible and, through it, to God. People must relearn – or learn for the first time – the truth of the Bible, understanding and believing what God says in the Bible and then consistently obeying what he says, even unto death.

Mr. Coulter’s websites include: and

Mr. Coulter’s websites offer an array of books that can be used by a person seeking God or seeking to return to God. Many of the books are available for no charge.

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