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The Freedom Counsel

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with two senior officials -- Warner Mendenhall and Kathryn Huwig -- of an organization named "Freedom Counsel" (https://www.Freedom The organization's aim is to seek restitution for those who were damaged by the Federal Government's multitude of unconstitutional actions and orders during the Covid Pandemic. The organization's core group is composed of about 200 lawyers, as well as medical experts, researchers, scientists, and witnesses who experienced the many ravages of the government's illegal actions including the families of those who died or were maimed by the vaccinations, those who died because treatment for their serious pre-Covid diseases were either refused treatment of their treatments was fatally delayed  because "Covid came first", and those families who lost their businesses because of the lock-downs. Indeed, almost all Americans suffered in one way or another, and the only really big beneficiaries of the Covid years were the banks, the public school systems who took payoffs from the government so long as they taught what the government wanted taught, and the hospitals that allowed people to die, or even caused their to death, in order to get whatever the government was paying as a bounty for each death that could be added truthfully or dishonestly to the tally of Covid deaths. The Freedom Counsel is eager to hear from those who were damaged by the government's Covid pogrom and is seeking to use the data that can be gathered from the stories of people or their family members who had relations killed or maimed by the vaccinations, as well as from those who were economically damaged in any way by the Covid fraud. The Counsel's website -- noted above -- is clear and easy to use, and they are holding a national convention in Denver, Colorado, from 7 to 9 June 2024, and information on that meeting can be found at

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