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The Government’s Financial Slavery with Joseph Lombardi

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Mr. Joseph Lombardi is the owner of national financial company named Iron Hawk Financial (, 203 815 3673), a wealth management firm that has been much-honored for its accomplishments, especially in helping Americans become their own banks.

At the moment, the Iron hawk’s range of clients run from those who can invest $200 per month to those who can invest $5 million per year. Mr. Lombardi began our talk with the frank and truthful statements that “debt and taxation in the United States are the tools of “slave-makers” in the United States.” In other words, the Federal financial authorities, the Congress, and Wall Street are bent on enslaving Americans by creating endless debts and ever-deeper taxes.

He noted that armed with this data, Americans ought to be thinking about pulling their money and investments out of any place where the federal government can easily take, such as banks.

Mr. Lombardi said that conservatives often tend to be reluctant to change their saving preferences, but made the telling quip that “conservatives have to have something to conserve” to be successful and economically severe. The bottom line at the moment, Mr. Lombardi said, is that each adult must accept the fact he or she alone is responsible for taking care of themselves and their family. Unfortunately, enormous numbers of American adults have been soothed into quiescence by government and political statements and actions, and, with their media allies, have deceived Americans into believing that the federal cavalry will arrive to save them from poverty.

The Democrats, Mr. Lombardi also said, have, over many decades, drastically weakened the faith of too many Americans in God and traditional Christian morality, and have instilled in them instead faith in a government that has no interest in their welfare and is amoral, criminal, avaricious, profligate, self-interested, war-mongering, and oligarchical.

If American adults see the government’s greed and contempt for citizens, they can begin to act according to the clear reality that he or she must become as independent as possible, and must take care of themselves and their loved ones, Iron Hawk Financial has the ideas and plans, tools, and opportunities that can help them strengthen their economic viability and help secure their future.    





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