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The Inner Workings of Putin and Xi Joining Forces with Rick Fisher

Today, The Two Mikes had the great pleasure of hosting one of our country’s most accomplished experts on China, Dr. Rick Fisher. On the issue of China and Russia, Dr. Fisher noted that President Xi and the CCP are extremely invested in Putin and his regime, perhaps even to the extent that without China, Putin’s regime might have a tough time holding on to power. Dr. Fisher also noted that so long as Yevgeny Prigozhin – head of the Wagner Group – is around, Putin’s opponents in Russia will have a center around which to rally. Regarding China, there is little doubt that the PLA and its navy have significantly improved their amphibious capabilities in the last decade. The navy now has as many as 100 amphibious assault ships of varying sizes, and China’s civilian sector is awash in ships and ferries that are seaworthy and capable of transporting PLA forces to Taiwan. Dr. Fisher said that there is little doubt that Chinese President Xi does intend to invade Taiwan. Regarding the increasing numbers of military-age Chinese men entering the United States, Dr. Fisher said that no one should doubt that these men have been sent by the CCP and that they will be ordered to attack domestic U.S. military bases if there is a China-U.S. war over Taiwan. He also explained that the more than 300,000 Chinese university students that are now attending U.S. schools would be called on to create as much chaos as possible across the country if there is a war over Taiwan, and that those students could expect assistance from the tens of thousands of Chinese students now attending universities in Canada. Dr. Fisher is always worth a listen, and he was at the top of his game on today’s podcast. Listeners can also follow Dr. Fisher’s writings in the pages of the Epoch Times. Sponsors

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