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The Internet’s Favorite Small City with Aaron Renn

Today, The Two Mikes welcomed back Aaron Renn to the program after much too long of an absence.


Mr. Renn is an author, a specialist on urban areas, big and small, as well as a devout and very knowledgeable Christian, who often writes about his faith.


Today he described his experience in moving to and now living in Carmel, Indiana, which is a suburb on the northside of Indianapolis. Mr. Renn noted that the city’s Republican mayor – James Brainard – recently retired after seven consecutive terms and left behind a jewel of a smaller city, one that has been voted the “internet’s favorite small city.


The city remains small – c, 100,000 people, but it is now a world class place in terms of employment, education, commerce, and livability. Much of the city features new buildings of all kinds, and new roads that make moving around the city easy at all times of the day. Carmel has shown the rest of America than genuine conservative governments can play a key role in the physical and attitudinal restoration, especially in making sure that thrift and commonsense permeate the rebuilding effort.


Mr. Renn added that Indiana is a reliably conservative Republican state, and it also is a strong-Mayor state and so is well positioned to oversee the conduct of this Carmel-kind of successful urban reinvigoration. 


We also spoke shortly with Mr. Renn about a new book he has written. The Book is called, Life in a Negative World. Confronting Challenges in an Anti-Christian Culture.


The book will be published on 30 January 2024. Mr. Renn said the book is about the future of the Evangelical Church and what it must do to confront, survive, and thrive when most of the country’s political and social elites reject Christ and desire all Americans to do so.


Mr. Renn also writes that the church must especially work to support men and the key role the need to play -- in a traditional way – in defending family, country, and God.


Mr. Renn’s book is available now at Amazon for pre-order, and for sale on 30 January 2024




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