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VIDEO The Most Destructive Legislation In History-2400 Pages/$3.5 Trillion In Corruption And Tyranny

I don't need to spend too much time typing up a storm for you. And by no means is Network Radio a fan of Fox News, never was and never will be; just hear out the laundry list of abominable programs and spending bills that Queen Rodent Pelosi and our repulsive congress members are trying to pass. Keep in mind that his is just a FRACTION of the over two thousand and four hundred page spending bill. We really shouldn't even label it as a spending bill; it's the nail in the coffin of the American republic, or what's left of it anyways. You have to ask yourself, how did we get here? Not even 1% of the American middle class, working class, or even the poor would go for this if they truly understood what's in it. How did our congress become so brazenly corrupt? For example, 400 BILLION on Federal Daycare... and that's the least concerning, it's just repulsively pretentious; while everyday hard working Americans struggle to put their children in day care so they can work and afford rent/mortgage, the Oligarch members of the American Mafia Government, get it paid for by the tax payers that are struggling to pay for it themselves. Nevermind the kickbacks, the money laundering... etc. that goes overseas and makes its way back trough NGOs and other slight-of-hand measures. The sheer radicalized Marxism in this bill is beyond overwhelming. We have got to get our "representatives" not just under control, but rather we need to lock them up in rooms with a window where people can look at them forever; they're beyond cruel and heartless. Their conscience doesn't even qualify as human. It is beyond criminal at this point; they're welcome to sell their own souls and families to the devil, but they're not welcome to turn America's entire existence in on behalf of the rest of us. I'm not sure how much more corruption and evil is required before the citizenry effectively wakes up and takes arms against these domestic enemies, but I imagine it's not too far off. I've said it before and I will say it again, there is a ZERO chance that this administration makes it through their entire term, without substantial civil unrest erupting and transforming this country from the current status, to something never seen before. The system is about to collapse under one weight or another. Zero your rifles, pack your shit, and brace yourself. "I See A Bad Moon Rising" -CCR

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