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The Pickaxe Project with Jeff Dornick

The Two Mikes spoke today with Jeff Dornick the co-founder of the Freedom First Network, which gave us the opportunity to get our podcast on the air. Mr. Dornick spoke about a new project he has underway, and which is scheduled to begin operation early in 2024. The project is a new site called and it will be a place where hosts and guests can speak their views clearly and forcefully without fear of censorship just because what is being said somehow offends one or more people. Mr. Dornick said that rules of the site will be found in the traditional one of abiding by the 1st Amendment. The only things out of bounds will be those that have already been defined as illegal under that amendment, such as the old standby “crying fire in a crowded theater.” He noted that the site will not be using app stores or the servers of Big Tech, it will welcome one and at all and as it develops there will be monetization for content creators. Mr. Dornick said that he hopes to concentrate on several specific issues, such as helping to end the current situation where Big Tech is acting as a kind of hit man by censoring those the corrupt federal government officials and bureaucrats want censored, and by supporting candidates willing to work toward that goal. He also said the site will focus on local communities and aim to help them to resolve the issues and problems they confront. The site will likewise try to help Americans recall that America is a Christian country and that the depravity, violence, stokers of racial conflict that now dominate the media and public discourse need to be made impotent as public actors. The beta version of the new site is available at, and leaving your email there will assure that you receive information of the project’s progress and when it is ready for prime time. Sponsors CARES Act Stimulus (COVID-19) Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC):

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