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The Soros Agenda with Rachel Ehrenfeld

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D. Ms. Ehrenfeld is based in New York City and heads the American Center for Democracy.

She also is the author of a new book unnamed The Soros Agenda, which will be released in July 2023 by Republic Book Publishers. Ms. Ehrenfeld claims that although Soros freely uses terms like "democracy", "justice", and "open society", his intentions have no relation to words such as those. From the start, Ms. Ehrenfeld argues, Soros has been out to destroy America and has executed a patient campaign to do so. He started by backing those intent on legalizing marijuana, which, when successful, necessitates changes in the local legal system.

Soros then moved on to his plan to fund the election of many hundreds of lawyers to be district or local attorneys at the state, county, and local levels. This campaign has been a spectacular success as witnessed, at the moment, by the fact that both Baltimore and Chicago are under siege by rioters and arsonists and the local district attorneys are acquiescing to whatever the criminal youth want to do. In his spare time, Soros also made billions by wrecking the currencies of Britain and Thailand, as well as by staging his revolutions in several European countries, including Ukraine.

Ms. Ehrenfeld said that she has been alerting members of the U.S. Congress to the increasingly lethal threat Soros presents to the U.S. society and political system, but has been able to raise little enthusiasm among them for putting a stop to it.

Indeed, the situation has worsened to the point where virtually all of Biden's cabinet is beholden to Soros in one way or another.

We concluded with a spirited discussion of why Israel has been so lax in picking up Soros -- a self-admitted Nazi enabler -- as they have in the past in almost every instance where they could identify a Nazi of Nazi abettor from the World War Two Era. Ms. Ehrenfeld said that at the time he was helping the Nazis he was only 14 and therefore was treated as too young to apprehend.


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