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The Unauthorized Biography of General Thomas McInerney Part II

Today, The Two Mikes are going to take a brief break from current events and new guests to

provide our listeners with a two part look at the life and times of Lt. General Thomas McInerney

(ret’d). This podcast’s listeners are well acquainted with General McInerney as a patriot who has spent the latter years of hills life – generally a time of less work, reading, and more rest – in fighting to defeat the republic’s domestic enemies, the lethal foes of all Americans who believe faith, family, and country should be the three guiding principles of U.S. society. The General was the first to identify to identify the fact that traitors in the highest echelons of the U.S,

intelligence community used that community’s best technology to help the Democrats and their legions of woke anti-Americans to steal the 2020 presidential election. The General also has provided a great deal of precise information about, and quality analysis of, the ongoing attempts by the Biden Administration and its foreign allies to destroy America. With these facts noted, this episode of the Two Mikes and the next were recorded so that our listeners could get to know General McInerney, the family he came from, the life he has led and the wars he has fought, the many accomplishments he has achieved, and the extraordinary American that he is. May God bless and keep him and his family always.

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