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The United States of Israel with Khanverse

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Today, The Two Mikes spoke again with Khanverse, this time about the current Israel-Palestine war.

Khanverse said that it seems increasingly likely that there are only two possible explanations for the success of the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel; (1) A complete intelligence failure by the Israel's vaunted intelligence apparatus or (2) Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders let the Hamas attack succeed, confident that they would be able to mount an invasion of Gaza that would destroy Hamas utterly and allow Israel to annex the land that is now called Palestine, a tract holding very large deposits of natural gas.

The fact is that it doesn't much matter which option is correct. Either would give the Israelis the chance they wanted to evict the Palestinians and seize their land. To date, the Israelis have paid the price of a worldview based on arrogance, as well as a deep ignorance of how much the Muslim world has changed in the past 30 years in such areas as the use of high-tech military weapons, an increased ability to hammer out united multinational positions, and, perhaps especially, the weariness of so many of the world's countries -- Muslim or not -- to bowing to Israel's demands, and never daring to criticize anything regarding Israel.

The United States government, needless to say, continues to thrive on Israeli abuse, its ever-larger begging-bowl, and its war-making, and so it is alienating itself from much of the rest of the world, which is now waking up to Israel's game and refusing to play.

Have the Israelis overplayed their hand? It is too soon to tell, but if it has, the Muslim block that it faces is more united and militarily capable than any it has faced in its history, and never has its automaton U.S. Daddy Warbucks been weaker.

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