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The Worst is Yet to Come with Gordon Oliver

Today, Gordon Oliver from the non-profit Cambridge Credit Counseling joined The Two Mikes for a second discussion about ways in which people with limited economic adaptability can cope with the drastic and crippling economic pain that the Biden Administration is now so joyfully inflicting on non-elite Americans

Mr. Oliver wanted to point out that polls show that 59-percent of employees expect their employers to provide advice and assistance on how to cope with disastrous and multiplying economic problems they are encountering. Mr. Oliver argued that the interests of both employers and employees would benefit from planning now for what is to come, given that there is now almost one trillion dollars in credit card debt and only a bit less than two trillion dollars in student debt, and the latter about to require restarted payments, probably at 5.5-percent. Those individuals having substantial student debt, might well consider continuing their schooling in much less expensive community colleges and recent high-school graduates ought to consider trade schools until the Biden economic plague is defeated. Also in the mix of needing assistance are many non-enlisted and junior officers in the U.S. military and their families. These people have limited incomes and also would benefit from the type of assistance in budgeting and other kinds of economic planning of the type offered without cost by the non-profit organization Cambridge Credit Counseling. Sponsors

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