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Thou Shall Not Speak! with Lucas Gage

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with non-interventionist and critic of Israel Lucas Gage (@LUCAS_GAGE_), who is, as well, a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq as a combat engineer.

Like so many patriotic Americans who believe the U.S. relationship is a one-way, losing endeavor for the United States, Mr. Gage has twice had the local and state police arrive at his house to question him about his online statements regarding Israel and the threat such mindless support poses to the United States.

The police spoke with Mr. Gage because of "complaints" about his words from the New Jersey Jewish community. The second police visit to his home was triggered by an on "anonymous" caller falsely claiming that Mr. Gage was armed and threatening. On both occasions, the police found nothing worth worrying about, and that, indeed, found that Mr. Gage owns no weapons.

Since then, and as he continues to speak out against automatic U.S. support for Israel, his family has received multiple death threats. Overall, Mr. Gage provided a frank and balanced description of his views on the harm U.S. obedience to Israel and Zionists does to the republic, a description that seems all too accurate and very much in need of hearing.

Mr. Gage also said that he thought that it would be a good thing to ban the Anti-Defamation League, not for what it says but what it does, as it appears that its actions are meant to stirring up social animosities and perhaps violence across the country, and it is, of course, identifying patriotic Americans -- Christians, Catholics, Conservatives, military veterans, and many other people just because they are white -- as terrorists or some other threat and is selling their names and other data gathered about them to the FBI, DOJ, and DOD for investigation and probably the same kind of harassment that Mr. Gage and his family have suffered.

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