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Together We Win with Christina Bobb

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Christina Bobb, who is a former U.S. Marine, an investigative reporter, and is currently a lawyer working with Trump's battle against Democrats' lawfare. Ms. Bobb said we are witnesses to an age in which many powerful politicians have decided that they can rule with the United States without the American people. In her recent book, Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024, Ms. Bobb claims that he research into the 2020 election can lead to only three conclusions; (a) that the Democrats cheated and the Republicans helped them cover up the fraud (b) that this corruption is locate at every level of government in the United States , federal, state, municipal, county, and town; and (c) that many of the nation's courts -- federal, state and local -- cannot be relied on to rule in a non-partisan manner. Despite these problems, Ms. Bobb maintains that the role of the American people in governing the republic is a primary one, and must be reclaimed from the tyrannical politicians. Ms. Bobb said it is especially important that citizens in all localities let their governments know that their management of elections are being closely watched, and among the best ways make this point is by attending the meetings of the city council, the school board, the board of elections, and the regular meetings of other pertinent government entities and make your voice heard. If you cannot make the meetings, send an email and say you are watching election management closely and/or volunteer to spend a few hours on election day working in a voting facility and while doing so keep your eyes open for irregularities.

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