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Too Close to The Constitution with Marshall Wilson

Today, The Two Mikes had the pleasure of speaking with S. Marshall Wilson who is the Constitutional Party’s candidate for the governorship of West Virginia in this fall’s election.


Mr. Marshall is a U.S. combat veteran, a husband, a father, the son of a Baptist pastor, and has served two terms in the West Virginia Legislature, ending in 2019.


Mr. Marshall also is an ordained Baptist pastor. He has trained 100 preachers, opened ten churches, and served – with his family – as a missionary in the Amazon Jungle, where he and his wife adopted several more children. This is Mr. Marshall’s second run for governor.


In his first attempt, he won 15,000 write-in votes, even though his opponents put up a multitude of campaign signs telling voters there would be “no voting for write-ins at the polls.” Given this record – and his first-rate speaking ability – you would have thought Mr. Wilson would have been welcomed by his so-called “Conservative” colleagues in the WV legislature, but many of them slowly came to the conclusion that, in essence, he was “too close to the Constitution” to be successful in politics, and suggested he not run again.


Not discouraged, Mr. Wilson worked at his vocation and prepared for his current run for governor. He told us that he had vowed that “his children would never live as slaves” – which seems a pretty fine campaign slogan – and as things stand in America today, West Virginia’s voters would seem lucky indeed if they elected this distinguished family man and pastor, a man major fault, according to self-proclaimed political experts, is that he is “too close to the Constitution”


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