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The Globalists' Tentacles Are In Our Nation With Kari Lake

Today, The Two Mikes had the good fortune of having a short discussion with Kari Lake, the legitimate governor of Arizona, who was denied her office, first by election-rigging and now by law-fare. Ms. Lake has pledged, and reaffirmed that pledge in our talk, to continue fighting the miscreant forces in Arizona who sabotaged her victory. Ms. Lake was outspokenly in favor of closing the southern border to illegal aliens, and said that she had planned as governor to close the Arizona-Mexico border using the state’s own law-enforcement agencies. Ms. Lake also spoke of her new book Unafraid: Just Getting Started, which starts with her childhood in Iowa as 1 of 9 siblings and then covers here her thirty-year career as a television journalist, her decision to give that job’s seven-figure contact to enter politics in Arizona, and follows her subsequent political career to the present time the book’s forward was written by Donald Trump. Perhaps uniquely for a nationally known politician, the most recent top ten list from Billboard showed that her record “81 Million Votes, My Ass” is number one on the chart.

--Ms. Lake’s book is available at Amazon and most other booksellers.


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