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While On Vacation, Transportation Secretary Assures Americans The Supply Chain Crises is “Certain”

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The Transportation Secretary happens to be on a two-month paternity vacation with his same-sex husband, as the US is headed towards what he described as a “certain“ major supply chain disruption. Not only is it certain, but he also describes it as lasting until next year.

“The disruptions that are currently snarling supply chains across the globe and the United States will “certainly” continue into next year, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Oct. 17.” per The Epoch Times.

The Biden admin seems to have their hands in cool water, with no real contingency. As if they have completely surrendered to this fact. And that is because they did; they have no intentions to solve any of their manufactured crises such as the one at the southern border.

Make no mistake, this supply-chain is purposeful; and it comes as most of these problems do in today’s climate; by way of Democrat ran states.

Why are the ports along the west coast on total pause with millions of containers stuck in the ocean Pacific, while the ports of Florida are bustling and moving?

Further, the convenient excuse of labor shortage fails completely, when you consider the fact that the US military which is more than capable of handling any supply chain, given its unparalleled logistical capabilities as the world‘s most advanced and largest strategic mobile machine in history, isn’t being called in for what is almost but certainly going to lead to an absolute crises.

It is rather interesting that the military which is costing tax payers trillions of dollars, is not being used for what are deemed to be essential roles such as securing its own borders, or providing its logistical manpower to secure essentials for its citizenry. Ironically, it is always working and on standby across the globe, in order to secure all interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia... putting America last.

Here‘s a video of our military singing the Israeli national anthem:

The sworn officers of this republic shouldn’t sing ANY national anthem other than our own. This is disgusting.

What we are witnessing today is the most derelict and abrasive administration in this country’s entire history. It‘s going to be a “dark winter” just as Biden promised, and so far he’s already in just eight months over-delivered on said promise; the dark winter since November 2020 is still ongoing because it never stopped...

Nothing short of a revolution can stop let alone reverse the damage being done by this abhorrent leadership.

God speed this republic for what’s to come.

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