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Unbreakable with Dr. Rainer Zitelmann

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with the prominent economist, historian, sociologist, and author Dr. Rainer Zitelmann about his fine new book Unbreakable SpiritRising Above All Odds.


Dr. Zitelmann said his book is about physically disabled individuals who refuse to adopt the persona and soothing-but false excuses of victimhood –sexism, racism, feminism, capitalism -- and instead seek to take advantage of the initiative to use their powers to not only survive, but to thrive.


Dr. Zitelmann discusses the achievements of 20 unique individuals – including the blind Saliya Kahawatte who climbed the seven highest mountains on the seven continents, Beethoven, who composed the 9th Symphony when nearly deaf, and the extraordinary success of singer Ray Charles in rising from a ruined life to preeminence ins his field— who provided all of us the lesson that what makes a person great is his or her ability to transform weaknesses into strengths and overcome limitations.


All of these individuals, Dr. Zitelmann said, consciously or unconsciously, followed what has been, until recently, an integral part of the American character, and was followed by many others in the Western world, namely what is often called the “American Spirit”, which holds that each person is the master of his or her life and failure in seeking one’s goals is the individual’s fault not the fault of other people or of “the system”.


Indeed, Dr. Zetilmann argued that this kind of spirit owes much to living a life in a vibrant capitalistic society, as socialist ideology is always intent on making people dependent and to see themselves as hopeless victims of the socialist system.


--Dr. Rainer Zitelmann’s new book Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above All Odds is available at Amazon and many other booksellers.


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