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VIDEO: It’s The Zionists, Stupid

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Judaism is a hijacked ism, and the Jews are behind them all; from feminism, to communism. That is what Jewish American Dennis Prager admitted to in the video above. The sinistry from an evil sect of the Talmudic faith has blended itself within the confines of the Jewish and white communities; Jewish supremacists refer to the rest of us as “Goyim“ AKA cattle.

Imagine if you will, Islamic terrorist Jihadis blending into the Arab and Muslim world, but instead of using explosives to spread extremist ideology, they use social engineering to achieve global dominance.

These Jewish supremacists also hide behind the shield of racism in order to avoid accountability; when you point them out, they can’t call you a liar so they call you antisemitic. The cabal is starting to get exposed, and it seems some Jewish Americans are calling it for what it is as well. This is rather surprising to see, coming from Dennis Prager (a leader of a powerful Zionist media machine ”Prager University“). Though he didn’t quite tell you that the Talmudic aim is global domination; he couldn’t go all the way because he’d end up on the wrong side of a kebab knife.

Notice Prager used the term “monotheism“. Now focus on what JFK said in his last speech prior to his assassination (which the Biden Administration has just rescided the declassification that Trump set in motion):

Why did JFK oppose central banks?

Who was he referring to in his speech?

Why was he assassinated?

Who called the hit?

BONUS: here’s an image of Based Jews that know what’s up and are telling it like it is:

1% of the world hates this image, specifically hates this post, and especially hates YOU. #thegoyimknow

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