We Are Under Attack Via Global Bio/Digital Warfare

The fact that the Wuhan lab where this abomination came from is still operating, and the fact that the rodent Fauci is still in charge, is a clear sign that yes, of course these variants are engineered; through labs and also quasi-natural via the vaccinated.

Kinetic wars are nearing their end, because the Globobomo puppet-masters are finding out that people are weary of perpetual combat warfare, especially with the Military Industrial Complex being exposed.

The modern day Zio War-Machine has found a new wave of wars to utilize in order to destroy and usurp: Biological Weapons via global “pandemics“, Weather-Wars through what DNI Ratcliff publicly stated as DEW’s (Directed Energy Weapons), and the driving mechanism of course that is Digital Warfare; we are in the age of information so naturally [they] are using information warfare to manipulate us and shape up the zeitgeist that is needed for their overall agenda.

1% of the Globe would prefer that the Scamdemic never ends.

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