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Where Free Speech Goes to Die with Rob Montz

The Two Mikes were joined today by Rob Montz for a discussion about the film-production company he founded and the documentary films it makes. He is the CEO and Co-founder of the company.

Mr. Montz’s company is named “Good Kid Productions”, and the films it makes are free to watch. Asked why he formed the company, Mr. Montz said that he wanted to make high-quality films about conservative-based issues that currently get little to no attention from other film companies and the rest of the media.

His most recent production deals with the all but ignored non-crisis of free-speech on university campuses, especially on the country’s elite campuses.

Mr. Montz said that it is a non-crisis because you cannot have a crisis unless you have two opposing and warring parties, and at this time the woke rulers of the nation’s university system have defeated free speech hands down. His documentary covers the troubles faced by three university professors – Roland Fryer, Amy Wax, and Josiah Wax -- who are now facing dismissal for their conservative and pro-Constitution views and speech.

These scholars, Mr. Montz, says, are part of what appears to be a dying breed of Americans willing to fight for free speech, while most of the rest of their countrymen appear to have been “trained to be intellectual cowards” by woke and hyper-partisan indoctrinators.

Mr. Montz’s company’s website is and its YouTube channel is called God Kid Productions, which is at


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