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White Man Bad with Jared Taylor

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Jared Taylor, the head of American Renaissance ( who continues to offer compelling arguments proving that “White people have legitimate interests, too!”. Those interests are now being ignored, ridiculed, or rejected by the gang of race, climate, and sex freaks that staffs Biden’s administration and all of the Democratic Party and its allies among corporate, banking, and the U.S. military’s flag officers. Among other things, Mr. Taylor says that what White Americans are now looking at is a conflict between religions, emphasizing that Christians are being attacked by the enemies of Christianity who have become fanatic, unquestioning, and potentially deadly believers of such fake religions as socialism, climate, schools that offer various forms of madness and mutilations, but nothing resembling a decent, society-friendly education. Other of these worse- and-more vicious than pagan religions are sexual depravity, pedophilia, feminism that has poisoned society for decades, child grooming for gender change and physical dismemberment, and a seemingly endless stream of counter-human ideas that never have and never will form an amiable and cohesive society. As a result, Whites and other God-fearing Christians are faced by godless and selfish fanatics – who form most of the Biden administration and media -- who have renounced God and are intent on destroying Christianity in America and worldwide. The latter have no concern for others, for the future, or for themselves. They accept no sense of duty to those with whom they disagree, nor do they exercise any known aspect of personal responsibility. Always eloquent, Mr. Taylor spoke to several other issues with clarity and commonsense, and left us with the idea that we have yet to see the worst.

--Jared Taylor’s latest book is If We Do Nothing which is available at

--The American Renaissance’s annual meeting will occur on 11-13 August 2023 at Montgomery Bell Park, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Among the speakers will be Mr. Taylor, Steven MacNallin, Gregory Hood, legislators from Belgium and Estonia, and Keith Woods from Ireland who will speak about how Irish society is being torn apart by its government’s “Ireland for Everyone Policy”.

--More on the conferences speakers and the specific topics about which they will speak can be found at: Sponsors CARES Act Stimulus (COVID-19) Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC):

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