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Wimkin vs Big Tech with Jason Sheppard

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Jason Sheppard, the founder and CEO of a Pittsburgh-based, free-speech social media site called WiMKiN (AKA: World Must Know). The site ( was founded in 2021, pledging to remain an uncensored outlet, as well as to assure user security. Mr. Shepard's project has been tremendously successful, even though it has been under attack by Big Tech almost from the start. Wimkin's apps were removed from the Apple Store and Google Play, and being removed from the Apple Store, Wimkin was targeted by a massive DDoS attack. Hardly a coincidence. Mr. Shepard and his crew have weathered these attacks and the Wimkin site continues to grow quickly with new users exercising their right to free speech. Mr. Sheppard is frank and well-spoken and sounds sincerely determined to stay the course with Wimkin, no matter what Big Tech throws at his increasingly popular project and its growing number of users.

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