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2023 Year End Analysis with Joel Skousen

Today on The Two Mikes the famed analyst of international affairs Joel M. Skousen ( presented a year’s end review of the currently sad shape in which the United States, and its genuine national interests, have been put by the Biden Administration and the uniparty.  


--The Biden Administration’s facilitation of the entry of a worthless flood of 3rd World illegal aliens -- the UN's so-called replacements for Americans -- has compromised the domestic security of the republic in a way that has not been seen in U.S. history. Biden, the Democrats, many Republicans, the UN, and the Globalists are clearly and deliberately killing American society, their longtime goal.


--This Globalist cabal also is continuing building towards its long-term goal of causing a war between Russia and the United States. Since Lenin won power in 1917, the Globalists have funded the Bolsheviks and sought to build alienation between Russia and the U.S. Through a long and difficult up-and-down process, they are on the verge of success. Such a war would cause international economic destruction and perhaps a catastrophic nuclear war. There could be no better outcome for Biden, the Democrats, and their Globalist overseers.


--The Israel-Gaza war appears to have been facilitated by Israeli leaders suppressing intelligence showing the intentions of HAMAS, which came to fruition on 7 October 2023. After collecting that intelligence, they spent months weakening their border forces and ordering its military to stand down and allow the HAMAS attack to achieve initial success. Thus, Netanyahu’s government made sure the HAMAS attack into Israel would largely succeed and yield unprecedented Israeli blood and casualties. The current war is a self-made disaster for Israel, one in which the United States is now mired -- seemingly inextricably -- and which HAMAS and its growing number of international allies are winning hands down.




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