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Americans Are Gearing Up For War

(As the video compelation progresses, the sentiment grows further)

These people are saying what every single Patriot is thinking. And even though many are denouncing the call for violence or insurrection, the odds-makers would suggest it‘s more of an insurance policy so the federal government doesn’t come after them for “inciting violence“. But with that said, no Patriot wants to see a civil war or unrest. Peace is what humanity yearns for. However, corruption and injustice have broken many the back of patient citizens throughout history.

Joe Biden, and the entire US governing elite: you are traitors. You are all part of a corrupt system. YOU are raping and pillaging OUR country. You stole an election, and are brazenly fucking this citizenry beyond comprehension. You have always been a disgusting group, but these past four years (eight months in particular) have shown an extreme side of repugnancy. You are all subhuman.

We know Biden is a child groper. We know he’s corrupt, senile, and is nothing more than a cucked out corpse following orders. We know his son and his whole family is corrupt. We know the entire administration is nothing more than a bottom feeding incompetent group of neomarxist scum.

To the Biden administration minions: Even though you are living in your ivory towers, on the grand scale you are only protected by a ceiling of straw.

Your actions will have consequences; don’t forget the countless corrupt kings, queens, prime ministers, dignitaries and other elites throughout history, whom have met the fate of their citizenry’s justice, or it’s military’s tribunals.

And if this small video sample which represents many tens of millions of motivated and pissed off American Patriots is any indicator, this country looks to be ready to hold you accountable for your countless crimes... maybe a one way trip to sunny Cuba for a short lived vacation is in order, where freshly pressed orange jumpsuits await your arrival; compliments of the United States Navy.

God bless America and God speed our republic.

Heil Victory!

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