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The Empire of Lies [Peak Information Warfare]

  • All Faucets of Government are corrupt

  • Censorship is reaching peak Tyranny/Corruption (Even in the alternates)

  • Elections are Rigged

  • GOP/Game is slowly Exposed further

  • They Push for Civil Unrest // The Tipover + Theft

  • Covid was a Test Run

  • The Narrative is Set: Black Swan

Media is >90% controlled ops.

The Selling out of All Americans

The GOP is an infestation of pests and varmint

Dunked on by the left?

Everyone Concedes

We The People = "WWIII"

Where are we now?

Pzifer and Moderna launch investigation for adverse effects:

The Insane Will Literally Run The Asylum

Have you had Enough?

Black Swan