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The Empire of Lies [Peak Information Warfare]

  • All Faucets of Government are corrupt

  • Censorship is reaching peak Tyranny/Corruption (Even in the alternates)

  • Elections are Rigged

  • GOP/Game is slowly Exposed further

  • They Push for Civil Unrest // The Tipover + Theft

  • Covid was a Test Run

  • The Narrative is Set: Black Swan

Media is >90% controlled ops.

The Selling out of All Americans

The GOP is an infestation of pests and varmint

Dunked on by the left?

Everyone Concedes

We The People = "WWIII"

Where are we now?

Pzifer and Moderna launch investigation for adverse effects:

The Insane Will Literally Run The Asylum

Have you had Enough?

Black Swan

Remember Operation Northwoods

Remember 9/11? + Iraq War Lies ? Lies to 45 about Syria withdrawal? Remember Scooter Libby?

Remember Covid19?


What's the next one? It will be the biggest one yet. And they are Ready; food shortage will be real, health mandates prepped to launch, all medical systems in place, businesses are mostly operational remotely; they figured out what are actually essential businesses. The clergy stood down. The military stood down // no defectors or protesters. Elections ready to be handled by mail-in. Digital currency set to launch. Amazon and drop shipping is working in full swing. Trucks prepped to drive themselves. Food shortage already in motion - Next move is rationing.
Supply Chain problems exercise in real life complete. People reaction and thresholds thoroughly examined. Tested how far people will go; to report on their neighbors. Most corporations quick to adapt. More small businesses wiped out; more to join the larger companies that remain. Tax agents prepped and armed. Banking is set; majority of the nation received their 2500 and their information is stored; IRS is ready for more digital transactions. All agencies and branches of government compromised. Major corruption to usurp as much as possible before collapse/reset in motion and is accelerating. Printing of excess money proves ok stability.

The Strategy

They are able to utilize "Space Force" or DEW to create damage

Mark Esper on DEW's

Bio-Covid to spread symptoms that constantly change, Tested levels of tyranny and lockdowns that people are willing to accept // different countries with different protocols:

They have the means and have been testing it; Patented.

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